The BoozeGames' Commitment to Give Back

Here at The BoozeGames we believe in party people. We believe partying is all about having a good time while looking out for those around you and making sure they do too. It's about spreading the good times and joy. This, however, is not a privilege everyone in the world enjoys. So why don't we try and look out for them a little too? Why don't we try to help our planet and our people?

We believe in the spirit of party people. We believe that plenty of even the craziest of party people, like us, genuinely give a fuck. We've seen it, we've lived it, and it's one of the things we like most about the best sorts of places and crowds. 

We believe that it is the responsibility of profitable business and anyone with privilege to give back, and that it's important to walk the walk. Too many people just talk about trying to make the world a better place, sitting with friends, complaining or posting online, but do nothing. Most of us have been guilty of it before I'm sure, but that doesn't mean that there's no time left to start!

So, we at The BoozeGames are committed to giving 10% of profits to charity. We would love to make that number higher the more successful we become.

How? Who?

There's a lot of virtue signalling out there when it comes to charitable causes. People want to jump behind the latest fad or whatever's trending on social media. People want to plug causes that they think will make them look the best. Sometimes people don't look in to where their money is going; they send it to one place when it could go 5x further towards the same cause through a different charity.  

Fuck that.

We believe in effective altruism. That means evidence-based, research backed methods to most effectively help the causes that matter the most and save the most lives. Charities where each dollar given goes as absolutely far as possible towards that goal.

To this end, The BoozeGames has taken the Founders Pledge. We will donate 10% from our liquidity every time we sell out a print run of games. Like we said, we also aim to increase this percentage over time. We have established contact with their organisation and they are waiting for our first donation, we hope to send it sometime soon in 2023. We just need to sell some more damn games first!!!

That's our commitment.

Love, The BoozeGames.