Who are you guys? What is the story of The BoozeGames?

Once upon a time there was a young man. His name was The BoozeDaddy. He excelled at saving puppies and kittens from burning buildings, being extraordinarily handsome, and protecting the world from evil. After years of living a saint-like existence, he started to feel the urge to let loose a little and get wild every now and again with his friends... So, one day, he wrote to God and asked him for something to help him get looser than anyone ever had in entire history of getting loose. Because of his good deeds, God rewarded him and chose him as his vessel. God tasked him with spreading his favorite party game and bringing good times to the people. And so, The BoozeGames was spread amongst the mere mortals of earth.

Just kidding. We made this to scratch our own itch. Read more about it here.

What's up with all this Charity stuff?

We believe in the goodness of party people, and we believe it’s the responsibility of profitable business and anyone with privilege to give back and do their part not to perpetuate an unjust world. It’s important to walk the walk when it comes to values. We’re committed to giving 10% of profits to charity for now, and are hoping to massively increase this number over time. We have taken the Founders Pledge, established contact with them, and will donate to the most effective charities every time we sell out a print run of games.

Learn more about all of it here. Who wouldn’t want to drink to save lives!?

I have a problem with my delivery / I have a damaged item. What now?

Please contact us at admin@theboozegames.com with your receipt, description of the issue, and evidence of the issue and will help with all returns, refunds and inquiries.

We have a hilarious video, or story about something that happened while playing or after playing The BoozeGames. Where can we send it?

Excellent. You can send things to admin@theboozegames.com.

Will you come party with us?

If you can convince us your party is going to be good enough.

Can I play The BoozeGames sober? Can I play it with my family? Can I play it with only three people? Can I remove some Game Decks? Did you guys design a method specifically for breakups?

Most definitely. We made the game to be as flexible as possible. There is a section in the game's instructions booklet called House Rules where we lay out some possibilities. Or just make it up yourself.

How many times can I play The BoozeGames?

She gets more mileage than a John Deere '64 model tractor. We've seen droughts, floods, fires, cyclones, pandemics, tornadoes, wars, and we even once saw a man eat his own foot for 20 points so he could win the game. Get playin'.

Can I sell The BoozeGames in my store?

Probably! Just send us an e-mail to admin@theboozegames.com and let's talk.

You should do an app!

You should stop telling us how to live our lives. (But maybe we will... We need you guys to buy more games first).

I am dealing with the Darth Vader of evil hangovers. What do I do?

Turn all the lights off, sit down in a hot shower, and think about all your regrets and how no one will ever love you. Consider violent hungover masturbation. This is the way.

I'm upset about something to do with The BoozeGames (e.g. I got drunk and woke up naked with a giraffe again).

Please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-800-nobody cares.

Why don't you guys do an actual BoozeGames competition? Like in Vegas or something?

Pointless. We cannot be defeated.

What is the meaning of life?

It is indeed the firm belief of The BoozeGames Company that in fact Tupac is still alive.

My son played this game just one time and now he's left home, started listening to rock and roll music, and he keeps inventing these crazy electric cars and batteries and playing with space rockets and subterranean drills. Give me back my son.

Yes. We are sure Elon Musk is a fan of the game. The BoozeGames is also playable in space, it's just very difficult.