We are party people. We love getting wild and weird with our friends.

We’ve always been at the more … extreme … end of that crowd. We’re the ones who host the pre-drinks, who buy the rounds, who push the tempo, who spend too much money (damnit), who make friends with everyone, who have no shame on the dance floor, and who host the afterparties … and yes, we’ve overdone it too many times for too many years. We have countless stories that would crack you up or melt your brain… However, we are also the fun, safe, loving variety of party animals. We take life seriously, but also not-seriously. We work hard, then let loose. We live for our friends, we look out for each other, and we love it when everyone is nice to each other and everyone has a good time.

That’s us.

The BoozeGames?

It came from an urge to scratch our own itch. There are so many drinking games out there, but we always felt there was never THE game you thought of when you wanted a drinking game. Maybe good old Kings Cup (or Ring of Fire depending where you’re from) was the closest thing to that? Which, let’s be real, isn’t thaaat good. We wanted more. Other games got repetitive fast, didn’t combine everything we liked, or weren’t crazy enough. Basically, there was just never a game that met our standards. So, we invented our own!

We had thrown a fair few beerlympic style parties over the years; competitions of various drinking games played throughout the day. We also had years of combined experience living and partying all over the damn globe with all sorts of people. So we started creating, researching, taking what we knew, combining it, improving it, inventing, and inventing some more. We love people, so we also wanted to make a game that could get as crazy as you wanted but could also be played by anyone who likes a good time. It can’t be THE party game if some folks don’t feel included playing it! Right!?

Once started, the project snowballed. We started thinking hey, the world needs this.

We spent a couple of years sending it to friends all over the world to test. We threw test parties ourselves. We kept testing and refining and testing and refining. We tested on the craziest party people out there. We tested on peeps who like the occasional big night. We tested on parents. We tested sober. We tested on everyone. We think we did a pretty good job in the end. Well, we know we did, because … the hangovers.

We really hope you enjoy The BoozeGames. We put our whole heart and soul into it.

Be safe, have a whole heap of fun, don’t take life too seriously (except when it matters to be serious about something), and love each other.

Tom (The BoozeDaddy)