The 3 best drinking games that require no equipment

You came here to read about the best games that require no equipment, and we're here to provide, not to bother you with a long intro. So let's get the fuck to it, starting with number three, probably our personal favourite. 

3: The hour of power / centurion

The classic drinking challenge. Try to have a non-eventful night after this game, we dare you. The rules and gameplay is simple. Everyone get a shot class, and takes a shot of beer or standard mixed drink every minute for an hour (if you’re doing the hour of power), or for 100 minutes (if you’re doing the centurion). If you puke, you are eliminated. That’s it. You don’t need the shot glass – you can just take good swigs of the drink. For reference: it should work out to a full beer about every 10 “shots”.

Now… if you want to really escalate things, you can add a shot of hard liquor every ten shots. However, this is expert level behaviour, and risky for the average punter. You might also consider a good hit of a joint every 10 shots if you want to test your green out skills... or, if you want to use PEDs yes, you could also add some narcotics.

Improvise, adapt, overcome. Enjoy.

(FYI: of course, there is a card in the You Won’t Do It deck of The Booze Games that forces the cardholder to do the hour of power. We respect legends.)

 2. The clapper

The clapper is a tried-and-true focus based drinking game good for roasting your friends.The key to this game is everyone chooses a unique gesture or sign that goes for 2 beats (generally one gesture repeated twice). This sign is used to identify themselves, and to target others. 

  • Everyone sit in a circle.
  • To begin, everyone in the circle starts (SLOWLY!) hitting their hands on their legs, making a rhythmic clapping noise. Next, going around the circle, everyone establishes what their sign is, in time to the rhythm. For example, if my sign was touching my nose, when it was my turn to show my sign I would touch my nose in time to the first clap, and then again to the second clap.
  • Once everyone’s signs have been established, the game begins properly. In time to the clap, the first person does their own 2-beat sign, followed by another player’s 2-beat sign.
  • On the next beat, the player they signalled must do their own signal, followed by another player’s two beat sign, and so on. The clapping on the knees slowly increases in speed over time, so the game gets faster and faster.
  • If anyone does the wrong signal or misses a beat when it is passed to them, they drink. If anyone begins when it is not their turn, they drink. If they miss a beat during any point, they drink. Basically, if you mess up, you drink. Then the game starts over.

Trust us, it gets heated.

1. Fishbowl

Time for our number one draft pick. But first, a quick confession. This was (probably) not technically invented as a drinking game. BUT, this game is exceptionally fun while drinking, and like any good game, and we can EASILY make it a drinking game goddamnit. Also, it doesn’t exactly require zero equipment, but all it requires is a pen/pencil and paper and a watch of some form (countdown timer on your phone, please and thanks). So, sorry for our false truths dear readers, but we’re willing to bet you can probably find these implements, and that this game will be worth it at any party.

For this game you’ll need at least four players. Even numbers work best, but if that’s not possible use your braincells and improvise.

First, split into teams of two.

Next, everyone write down 5 (or more) different “anythings” (these can be anything - things, people, places, events, animals, etc) on 5 (or more) different pieces of paper, then fold the papers up and put them in a hat. Then, shuffle all these papers. You’re ready to go.

This game consists of four rounds, with scores taken after each round and the team with the highest final score being the winner. The first round is charades. So, roll dice, flip a coin, draw straws, whatever… but decide which team is going first and let’s show you how this thing actually works.

Round one: describe

  • Set a timer for about 45 seconds.
  • When the timer starts, a player from the first team draws a paper from the hat and attempts to describe it to their partner without using any gestures, props, or drawing. The player may also not spell out the word, use letters, or say “sounds like ____”. However, they may describe something it sounds like and say it sounds like that, once their partner has guessed that word.
  • As soon as the guessing player guesses the word correctly, the describing player may take a new paper from the hat and begin again, describing it to their partner. You may not take a new paper until you have completed the one before – no skipping! Complete this process as many times as possible before the timer runs out, and keep all your completed papers.
  • If you don’t complete any, or don’t complete the word you are currently working on, put it back into the hat and don’t reveal what it was.
  • Once the time is up, it is the next teams turn. Reset the timer and re-play as above.
  • On each team's next turn, the player who did not guess the last round must guess, and so on. 
  • Keep playing until all the papers have been guessed. After this, everyone count up how many total papers your team guessed and write down that number – it is your score. 

After all the papers have been guessed and the scores recorded, fold the papers back up and toss them back in the hat. It’s time for the next round baby.

Round two: charades

  • This is the same basic method as the previous round; use the timer, stack up as many as you can during your time, and repeat, going around the teams until all papers have been guessed.
  • However, this time it is charades! No words or phrases or noises are allowed, only gestures.
  • A new team goes first, and tally your score at the end.

... then... it’s time to make things even more difficult in the next round.

Round three: one word

  • Same basic rules but a new method. In round three you are only allowed ONE word to describe each paper. That’s it. One word. Done.
  • Again, tally your score at the end and add it to your current score.

Good luck, choose your word wisely.

Round four: one sound

Oh yeah. You can guess by the title.

  • Same rules. But this time? One sound, and one sound only.

Hilarity ensues. Memory gets tested. Again, make sure the next team in line goes first this round. Again, tally your score a the end and add it to your total score.

And that’s Fishbowl! Whoever has the highest total at the end wins, but we can guarantee in this drinking game, everyones a winner.

 Now. To some important info.

Want to make it a drinking game? Easy. Take a shot if you go a full timer without guessing a single question. Drink one sip for each paper any other team guesses correctly. DONE. LETS GO!!!!

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