The BoozeBlog: a half-hammered intro

So you find yourself sitting around drunk on a Saturday morning and the words of the SEO gurus and business advisors we talk with start running through your head. “You need to start a blog,” they say. “Fresh content every week,” they say.

Well fuck, I think to myself. How? We aren’t in the business of writing the cheesy mass produced crap you see everywhere online. “Six makeup tips I used to get clearer all-natural silicon tits,” writes some lame ass influencer as they plug some bullshit we know is scientifically probably worse for everyone long term. "Follow these three workouts for biceps and abs like me (please I'm not on steroids)," some guy posts with a needle sticking out of his ass. Some people drag all the people who follow them along for the ride but don't really know what they're talking about. Some people use platforms to make a quick buck for themselves at the expense of others.

We don’t want to be that. We’ve never wanted to be that.

We are by the dedicated, for the dedicated. By party people, for party people. 

…We’re also not your everyday party people though, and we have to remind ourselves of this sometimes. We do have a lot to offer. We have way too much experience not to share it.

We have too many stories that would melt the brain of the average citizen, or get a firm nod of respect and a strong laugh from your elite level full-sender. We have too many evidence backed methods on how to navigate most partying scenarios. We have too many things we could review for you. We can save you problems and headaches if you want to create your own game. We can save you problems and headaches on day eight of your 10-day “just goin’ out for one drink” weekend bender. We can help all you cooked people. All you cooked people can help us. We can make a community. We can, probably, make this thing good. Maybe even damn good. 

Ok. Maybe it was always a good idea to do this. Maybe we didn’t have time and were too lazy to make time to do it until now as well. Shut up.

So here we are, this is me (and us) committing. We shall blog. Godspeed to all of us. As with everything we’ve ever done, our priority will always be to entertain you. Maybe we can help out all you glorious tipsy souls along the way too. Entertain and inform. 

Welcome to The BoozeBlog. Stay tuned.

Love, The BoozeDaddy

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