Song Tag: the greatest drinking game ever invented?

There are many fun drinking games out there. We have played most of them, and eventually we took it upon ourselves to make the best one of them all. Still, even the epicness of The BoozeGames might not be as good as Song Tag. It’s apples and oranges. Here is what we will say: when it comes to throwing a party and doing outrageous silly things and laughing or competing, go with Booze Games all day.

However, when it comes to getting to know a friend, bonding, and hanging out for a sit-in, Song Tag laps the field by a country mile…it's gotta be your choice. Song Tag will deepen or create bonds. There will be laughs, there may be tears, and you will emerge from it knowing your friend or friends far better than before.

But what the fuck are we talking about? What is this game? Let me tell you how to play.



  • 2+ people. Someone or some ones you are comfortable with and trust (ie comfortable with to open up to, share stories, etc). Generally, the game works best with two, three if you are all tight.
  • A love of music, and being the sort of person & people who associate memories with music.
  • Speaker & internet connection.
  • Pen & paper (optional).
  • Booze and any recreational substances as necessary (optional but strongly encouraged).

How to play:

  • Gameplay is simple. You play a song, and either before, during, or after the song you must explain why you played it. By that we mean: what is the story behind it from your life?? What does the song mean to you or remind you of??
  • Then the next person goes, and you keep going around. And that’s it. That’s the game.
  • Drink and hang and talk as you go.

You’ll start by swapping funny or crazy stories, childhood stories maybe, teenage stories, and by the 10th beer you’ll probably also be starting to get into some real shit. If done with the right person or people, it’s a roller coaster of emotion in the best possible way. You’ll learn things about your friends, they’ll learn things about you, and one song or memory from them will cause you to remember a similar one from yourself and the ball will get rolling and the night will fly by. Laughter, tears, and a healing and sharing experience for all.

We love Song Tag.

Use the pen and paper to quickly jot down each song and one to two sentences about the story behind it as you go so you can remember the next day.

You’re welcome. BoozeDaddy out.

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