Origins of a Booze Game: 5 reasons we decided to make the best drinking game ever

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You probably know our story by now. We are, by anyone’s estimation (except perhaps our lord and saviour Keith Richards himself), absolute veteran party people and fun-loving degenerates. Unfortunately, we’d spent our lives unimpressed by everything out there when it came to drinking games. So, after years of dealing with passable but certainly not great drinking and party games, we decided enough was enough. We needed one game to rule them all. Hell, the people needed one game to rule them all. It was time. Time to strap on the beer goggles, get in the trenches, and forge a monster ourselves… 

But that’s not very specific, is it. “Why did you guys feel other games weren’t great? Why were you never satisfied? Why did you think you could do it better?” you ask… Well, read on dear BoozeHound. I’ll lay out the five main reasons we decided to make the greatest drinking game of all time.

1. Other drinking games didn’t include enough

Other games just didn’t have the scope to be the only party game you ever needed. Some cool games or categories; yes. All of them? Never! It’s a pregame or party goddamnit! We’re here to get weird. We wanna get buckled. We wanna laugh. We wanna discover who the greatest all around drinking/party performer is… And why can’t all classic party activities be upgraded and turned into drinking games? Who says we can’t get absolutely blasted and play beer pong one minute, charades the next, and then sing ABBA if we want? 

Many games had a couple of cool types of games or categories of games. None had them all. This was reason one.

 2. Other party games got boring or repetitive fast

Let’s face it, all games can get boring fast. How many times have you played a game a few times, and by the second or third time playing you already know what’s coming? Hell, even some of the funniest and most successful card games of all time (*cough shmards shmagainst shmumanity cough*) get repetitive fast if you’re playing them with the same people. This is especially prevalent in drinking card games. We’d never found a game that didn’t get boring by the third or fourth play.

So, what if you could learn a game’s rules only once, but then still be getting new cards 20-30 plays in? Was that too much to ask? We’d never seen that yet. We wanted to. This was reason two.

 3. Other games just weren’t funny or crazy enough

This was a big one. Now, we don’t wanna throw shade at other games. We believe there’s room for everyone, games for everyone, and the more party the better.

But, shiiiieeet!!!!!

Whoever invented everything else when it comes to drinking games, clearly they all haven’t partied that hard, that well, for that long. There are levels to this. We’ve seen other games with “Most Likely To” questions, or rules, and they’re flat out boring. Sorry, not sorry. Perhaps those games inventor’s idea of a big night is snapping a few pics of themselves wearing a sombrero and doing a shot of tequila (#crazy) followed by poppin a bottle at some club but being too nervous to dance. That’s cool, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. To each their own… But think about it. Just like you’d prefer to watch Steph Curry drop 40 on some fools in the NBA finals and take his advice on shooting form instead of from your uncle Larry who grabbed five rebounds at your local rec league once… and just like you’d prefer to take Tom Brady’s advice on performance rather than your mate Steve’s whose idea of a good workout is biceps followed by French fries… and just like you’d probably rather someone who has studied and worked in medicine for 20 years to operate on you, surely you would want your drinking games to be made by the best. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to get to (or don’t even like) the highest level, you’d just rather things were made by the experts with the most experience. Leave it to the pros.

Problem was, were there any true pros making the drinking games? All the games out there just straight up weren’t funny enough, and sure as shit couldn’t get crazy enough. Let alone get crazy in enough different ways. That’s the truth of the matter. We wanted a game that could take us to the top of Mount Senderus, be played for a quick pregame or for three days straight, and that might make us piss the ol’ pants from laughter. This game didn’t exist yet. Reason number goddamn three.

..But we also wanted it to be able to be appealing to people who don’t want to hit our level, which brings us to…

4. Other games weren’t flexible enough

Everyone should be able to have a good time at a party and feel included. We strongly believe that. Therefore, we also believe everyone should be able to have a good time playing a drinking or party game. This means people of all (adult) ages, all walks of life, all genders, all personalities.

 To us, other games always seemed restrictive. What if people don’t want to drink? Would it still be fun? What if some people like some parts of the game, but hate others? Could they easily adapt the game on the fly? What if the average age of players is 58? Is it fun for everyone? We could be wrong, but to us most other games seemed as flexible as that mate of yours the 42-year-old builder who smokes a pack a day and whose idea of a good stretch is sitting down for their morning deuce.

To be a truly epic drinking game it needs gymnast levels of flexibility. We’re talking auto-fellatio levels of flexibility. One game for all. If you’ve found one like that, treasure it. We never did. It bothered us. Reason number four.

 5. Us. Ourselves.

Ok. There were problems or shortcomings with party games for adults. But why did we think we were the ones who could solve these? Well, not to diddle our own fiddle, but there were a full five factors we had (and have) in our favour that we’re fairly sure no one in the world combined together. Many have one, or two, or even three. But a full five piece? Doubtful.

What were these five factors? We broke it down into the following:

  1. Experience – Oh god yeh. We’ve partied more and played more drinking games than you’ve had orgasms. Don’t count our braincells lost. Don’t tell our parents. This point is well established.
  2. Willpower and desire – who the hell actually wakes up and says they want to make a card game from scratch!? Who the hell then has the willpower and drive to execute on that decision day after long day for years until it reaches fruition? Especially when they’re spending half of their time hungover (refer to previous point). Trust me when I say: this shit takes a lot of effort. To make a simple game? Easy enough, maybe six months to a year. To make the best? That’s gonna take some commitment and discipline.
  3. Creativity – call it craziness, call it all the arts degrees, call it a good attitude, call it research, call it extensive psychedelic drug use, but there’s something goin’ on with us, and we know it.
  4. Time – success in our other work allowed us to be able to put in extensive amounts of time into The BoozeGames. Many of us aren’t blessed with this sort of flexibility and have other responsibilities and priorities, plain and simple. We didn’t.
  5. Money – shit ain’t cheap. Luckily, as I said we’ve had some moderate success in other areas. In hindsight, we should have used Kickstarter. Damn it. You live, you learn. We’ll save all our biggest lessons learned for another post.

There you have it. The 5 reasons we decided to make the wildest and best drinking game this small blue ball of earth has ever seen. We think we pulled it off. But don’t take it from us. See for yourself. Head on over to our homepage and dive in.

 Peace and love,

The BoozeDaddy

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