The BoozeGames is the answer if...

The BoozeGames is the answer if you’ve ever shared our frustration that there was never one drinking or party game to rule them all, one game that included everything...

It's a supergame, with eight categories and 40+ mini-games.

“Best drinking game I’ve ever played! Takes a few mins to learn the decks your first time, but they make that easy for you then it’s smooth sailing and you’re left with a game that you’ll barely even scratch the surface of the first few plays. This game is a riot and keeps escalating the drunker you get lol. Set aside more than that minimum recommended time, you’ll want to play for longer. Epic pregame or epic party... finally the game we all deserve. Highly recommend.’

- Casey S.


"This game fucks. This game not only made me suck down one side of a banana while they other was getting devoured by my buddy, but it also made me piss myself laughing. With so many cards and options, you’ll never get tired of having to repeat the same action or tell your buddy he’sa piece of shit for not understanding your acting skills. 11/10 would recommend for anyone that enjoys sucking back some bevs"

- Ethan Duncan


"Perfect for pregaming or making the game the main event of the night. The cards are creative and diehard funny. It takes a few rounds to get the hang of the card rules but once they are learnt the game has a nice flow. So no matter how sloshed you get, you won't forget how to play! You can play for hours or just a few rounds which is great. Be prepared to guzzle and laugh!"

- Darian P


"Exceeded our expectations... 8 unique decks packed with creative cards... immense replay value... It’s the all-in-one drinking card game that’s sure to be a good time."


"What a great game! Didn’t know what to expect but it was a blast. The title is very self explanatory... an awesome game that involves booze. Very creative ideas, a great team building or bonding experience with the boys. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to spice up boys night or anyone who wants to have good ass time. I will add this game to my hosting arsenal to enhance the pregame for the rest of my life! Thanks booze games!"

- Paxton K


"I’ve played this game probably 20 times so far, and each time I get new cards. I’ve yet to see the same ones. By far the best drinking game."

- Braiden Mendenhall


"This is the type of game you can make a day out of... we had an absolute blast playing this game."


"It’s the new national pastime. Baseball begone! Never had a night more epic with my friends until now. I can’t get the game out of my head. I never leave my house without bringing it with me."

- Matt Klysh


“The drinking game to end all drinking games. Beautiful debauchery.”

- M.


"At first the game seemed a little goofy but turned into a very fun and entertaining game. With some drinks and competition the booze games have become a part of our pregames that have given us tons of laughter and great memories. It’s a great game for teams and friend groups to get closer and create bonds between one another. Was an excellent game that will continue to be played with the boys!"

- Carson Brennan


“Loved it!!! I can’t remember anything, but woke up seeing 5 stars”

- Mark Gauld


“Dangerously competitive... Other drinking games often feel like a chore... maybe lasting a few rounds before everyone gets distracted. The boozegames somehow side steps this and becomes insanely competitive, fast! Maybe it's the pitting teams against each other, or maybe its the sheer variety of game types to keep your drunk/ADHD brain engaged... My body hurts.”

- Joey


“Unbelievably fun, highly recommend. Have played the game tons with friends and each time find a new twist. It’s a hit at parties or even smaller get togethers.”

- Evan A.


"An absolute hoot of a party game. You may find out a bit too much about what your friends think of you, but it's so well worth it. Can't recommend it enough."

- Jake Reiter


“Brilliant game. Must have if you like to visit Seshlehem.”

- Alex


“Hands down best drinking game out there. Super original and hilarious. Would highly recommend to all”

- Max


“Fantastic. Had a blast! ... Suits the need of all partyers!"

- Matt D


"I lost my virginity after playing this game."

- Mary, Mother of Joseph


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